A message from Youth Coordinator, Todd Lovell

Hey everyone!  I grew up in the small town of Perryville, AR where I often enjoyed church activities but was usually confused on the real reason why I was supposed to go to church.  What was it all for?  Was church just something to take up one of my few days to sleep in, or was there another purpose that I seemed to be missing?  As I  had the opportunity to study the Christian faith, I began to understand that my relationship with God does not exist in a vacuum.  In other words, to be a solid follower of Christ does not only mean you have a good relationship with God but also with God’s people.  I was beginning to understand that church was where I could feel a true sense of family without fear of being judged for who I was.  Church is a place of belonging.

If you’re new to the area, I would love for you to allow us a chance to get to know you.   We look forward to seeing you!

Mission Statement

Our mission at NLRFUMC is to provide an exciting and welcoming atmosphere that encourages our youth to not only grow their vertical relationship with God but also their horizontal relationship with His people.  This will be accomplished through an intimate sense of community, a consistent lifestyle of worship, and a wholehearted devotion to culturally relevant teaching.

Mainframe – Sunday’s at 5:00 pm

A mainframe is defined as the center hub of a network that serves many users.  At  NLRFUMC, our MAINFRAME outreach ministry is the center point for the  spiritual  development of our youth.   MAINFRAME includes free food provided  by our  church, exciting games,and challenging devotionals.

Uplink  – Sunday’s at 10:00 am

Our Link Classes are a chance for youth to reconnect to the  MAINFRAME.  During  this time, our “LINK” class (Junior High and  Senior High) meet to discuss what was  talked about during the week’s  MAINFRAME.  This is a great time of intimate  fellowship where hard  questions are asked and meaningful relationships are built.

Connections – Wednesday’s at 6:00 pm

During our Wednesday night gathering “Connections” are formed.  Our Jr. High has a time of worship, bible study, and discussion groups.  Our Sr. High forms connections by serving alongside our adult ministries on Wednesday night (Soul Cafe, Chancel Choir, Chapel Service, Children’s Wacky Wednesday, and Meals on Wheels).  The last Wednesday of every month our Sr. High meets in a congregants home for a focused Sr. High small group.  Keep connected to the UMY blog for updates on meeting locations and weekly small group opportunities.

Network Applications

Network Applications are a  time for the  entire “Network” to apply what they have  learned in the real world. This is done through service projects,  fundraisers to aid the  church and its  ministry, as well as fun trips to conferences and  retreat centers.

**  At NLRFUMC we are active participants in Conference (ACCYM), District (DCYM), and local church events.


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